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Tools and Resources

These materials are for use in the education and training of health system leadership, staff and providers. Using these materials, health systems implement the WDPP and assure that patients presenting with non-traumatic dental pain are getting the highest standard of care.

WDPP Training at Cumberland Health 4.006.jpeg

This summary document provides for health system administrators the background and rationale for implementing the Wisconsin Dental Pain Protocol.


This YouTube webinar on evidence-based practices for treating dental pain and infection can be viewed prior to or as part of educational programs for Emergency Department and Urgent Care Center staff.


These training materials can be used by health systems to train clinical staff on the Wisconsin Dental Pain Protocol, particularly on the Clinical Algorithm for control of dental pain and infection and the administration of local anesthetics.

WDPP Training at Cumberland Health 4.001.jpeg

To view training manikins in use at a WDPP training, click here.

WDPP intro slides presentation-cpver_Page_01.jpg

This slides presentation provides an overview of the Wisconsin Dental Pain Protocol and action steps for administrative leadership.


This Vimeo webinar with Dr. Russell Dunkel provides training on oral anatomy and demonstrates clinical technique for local anesthetics.


These Evaluation and Reporting Resources contains reports, templates and support materials used in assessing the impacts of the Wisconsin Dental Pain Protocol.

WDPP Training at Cumberland Health 4.008.jpeg

To view the Badger Tooth Box in use at a WDPP training, click here. The Badger Tooth Box has supplies for managing dental pain, particularly oral anesthetic injections, as well as dental syringes.

This section will contain background information, materials, and contact information for technical assistance on implementing and effective dental care coordination process.

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